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Who We Are

north Florida licensed commercial inspections & industry trade professionals

Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting began in 2018 as a division of Greenwood Property Inspection Services, LLC geared exclusively towards offering commercial building inspections and consulting services throughout North Florida.

We strive to provide the highest quality commercial inspection services by ensuring all our services meet our detailed standards of practice. All inspection services we provide are in full compliance of the established State of Florida Statutes for licensed inspectors as well as the Commercial Property Inspection Standards of Practice published by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA).

Unlike residential properties, commercial buildings have specialized systems, varying construction methods, and larger scale equipment and inspection requirements. All our in-house inspectors are trained specifically in the assessment of commercial buildings and properties and continue to meet annual education requirements to ensure they are staying up-to-date on continually changing industry standards and practices.

Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting was established in 2018 by owner, Will Greenwood for the purpose of specializing in commercial property inspection services. Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting was established to provide clients who are involved in commercial real estate transactions and/or are commercial property owners with detailed and thorough inspection services for their property. Greenwood Property Inspection Services’ Commercial Building Property Inspection division is North Central Florida’s only established business specializing in Commercial Building Property Inspections.

Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting commercial property inspection services are offered through all of North Florida with commercial inspections based in Gainesville, from Jacksonville and the Atlantic Coast to Tallahassee and the Gulf Coast, and from the Florida/Georgia line to Orlando, Tampa, and South.

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our commitment

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Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting is committed to excellence to our North Florida commercial inspections real estate clients and property owners by ensuring every inspection service we provide not only meets, but exceeds all State and certifying agency requirements and our client’s expectations.  We are committed to a detailed and thorough standard of care for every commercial building property inspection and we do not limit the time needed to inspect your entire property with the utmost accuracy and professionalism.

Our Quality Promise

All our commercial building property inspectors and partnering trade professionals will perform all services objectively. Our partnering trade professionals are required to maintain agreements with us to prevent the fabrication of issues with the intent of obtaining trade specific business. A trade professional we bring on site are barred from performing repair services on your property for a period of one year. Inspection reports are written in a clear and concise manner to present the issues identified in a factual and professional manner. Each report issued includes detailed written descriptions and full color photographs. Our goal is to ensure you are provided with the knowledge and information to move forward with your commercial property by being available to answer any questions or review any issues well after completion of the on-site commercial building inspection services.

​Peace of Mind

​Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting understands the purchase and maintenance of a commercial property is a significant financial decision. All our in-house inspectors are trained and educated specifically in commercial buildings and properties and all our partnering trade professional are vetted for their knowledge and background in commercial applications and professionalism. All individuals brought on-site to perform assessments are fully licensed and insured as required by their respective occupational licenses as required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations.


Based In………………Newberry/Gainesville, FL

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North Florida Commercial Inspections Service Area:

– Gainesville, Lake City, Jacksonville, Ocala, Brooksville, Tallahassee, The Villages, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Dayton Beach, Tampa, Orlando