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Why Your commercial inspector shouldn’t quote you over the phone

In this day and age of an on-demand lifestyle many prospective clients call expecting a quick quote for a commercial property inspection in the Gainesville area. Several times, we’ve had to explain that we cannot provide an accurate quote over the phone without performing some research of the property to be inspected, which has on the occasion We live in a world where many things are readily accessible online, ordering and receiving goods can take merely a few hours or a day, and we’ve all grown accustom to not having to wait for the things we need. Everything these days has become so automated rare do we need to speak with an actual person.

One of the most frustrating things as a consumer is not getting what you want when you ask for it, and this isn’t any different when someone calls for a quote on a commercial property inspection in Gainesville, only be to be told one cannot be provided over the phone. In this on-demand world where good and services are available at your fingertips, being able to review and quote services “on the fly” has become increasing difficult across all service industries. For many of your basic services, sure, a quote can be provided, but rarely, as many find out, those quotes are not firm and subject to change based on the conditions of the specific project. For those reason, quoting a commercial property inspection over the phone is a dis-service to you, the paying client.

1. Specialized Building Systems Require Specialized Inspection:

For smaller commercial spaces such as small business retail and office spaces, the building systems installed are generally comparable to those of a residential building. Larger commercial spaces however (those over 5,000 square feet typically) we begin to see larger commercial systems including complex HVAC systems, chillers, 3-Phase electrical components, fire protection systems, building automation systems, parking structures, elevators, and even structural components not common to residential. The knowledge and understanding of many of these complex building systems are best left to the trade professionals who work with them everyday.

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Gainesville has an array of exceptional commercial contractors who we work with on commercial property inspection however, without being able to perform research on the subject property, we have no way of knowing who we need to bring in for supplemental inspections.

As commercial building inspectors in Gainesville, we have the knowledge and experience to inspect all commercial areas within the required scope of our professional licenses. Trade professionals however, are more knowledgeable and their professional licenses cover more technical aspects. For this reason, we commonly bring in trade professionals to assist with inspection of large commercial property where they can provide insight above and beyond that of a typical home or commercial inspector. By providing a quote over the phone, we are not able to take the time to learn about the systems and components the subject property has and we are unable to factor into our quote bringing in supplemental inspectors from the trade industries. That puts you, the client, at a dis-advantage, not being able to have a more detailed and thorough inspection service.

2. The Scope of Services Is Not Able To Be Provided or Modified

When we provide a written proposal to a prospective client, we define in that proposal the entire scope of services to be performed during their commercial building inspection. We also define the areas to be inspected by a trade professional as well as what areas are not covered by the scope of services and why. Having a written scope of service for you, the prospective client to review, lets you understand what areas are to be inspected and to what depth. It also gives you the opportunity to request additions or modification to the scope of services which can impact the proposed inspection fee. When we provide an inspection fee, we provide one price to include the costs for trade professionals, documentation and records fees, etc.

The scope of services is the most critical part of a commercial inspection services proposal and should be documented for the benefit of you, the client, and us, the inspectors so all parties clearly understand what the scope of work will include and not include.

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3. Not Knowing the Details of the Building Can Result in Areas Not Being Inspected

Commonly review of aerial photos, GIS maps, and site visits prior to providing a quote can help us understand all areas that may be included on the property and what areas require inspection. An example, recently we were requested to inspect a large commercial building in Gainesville. During our reconnaissance phase of the proposal development, aerial images showed a secondary building on the property that was not included in the listing photos. It turns out, this building was a supplemental office area added several years after initial construction. Had we not had the opportunity to do reconnaissance on the property prior to providing a quote, this additional building would not have been included in the original quote.

4. Scheduling May Involve Coordination With Multiple Trade Professionals

On larger commercial properties with high voltage (over 240 Volt) systems, we often bring in trade professionals who can better assess the condition and function of complex HVAC systems, electrical systems, and on the occasion, structural, plumbing, or roofing systems. Very often, it is difficult to know what trade professionals would provide benefit when inspecting a commercial property until we have had the chance to review the building specifications and understand what systems and components we will run into. Part of providing a detailed quote includes understanding what costs we will incur to bring in those trade professionals and what their schedules allow for. While we have a list of our preferred electricians, HVAC technicians, etc. sometimes their schedules to do accommodate our timelines and we need to call in someone else who which may require adjustment of our fees. It is our goal to always provide you with an accurate quote the first time and not to modify a fee structure when the scope of the inspection is not changed therefore, we always take time to coordinate with our trade professionals to ensure we understand their fees and and provide you with a detailed outline of the systems and components they will review during your commercial property inspection.

5. Not Being Able to Provide a Written Proposal Can Result in Mis-Communication of Services.

When we provide you with a complete writen proposal, it is our goal to present you with an accurate quote, detailed scope of services, and defined timelines. The proposal we provide will document all the inspection areas to be inspected, the timelines for when the on-site assesssment will take place, when you can expect your report, and a breakdown of the total inspection fee and the payment schedule. Additionally, our proposals will often include a section where we outline the inspection services that are not covered during the on-site assessment. The biggest complaints we have heard between other inspection companies and their clients is that there was a mis-understanding of what was to be inspected and what was excluded. While the Standards of Practice for inspections are well defined, clients often do not know where to find them in the Florida Administrative Rules, and often assume all areas and systems will be inspected. By providing a detailed, written proposal, we can present you with all the information regarding what will take place during your on-site inspection of your Gainesville commercial property, and what we are unable to perform due to licensing restrictions, or specialized building systems we are un-familiar with. By providing this information in writing, you have the ability to see what is not included and request these services be provided. We can at that time, reach out to our other trade professional partners and service providers to ensure all the areas you want inspected are covered.

A commerical building property inspection for Gainesville businesses is an extensive review of very complex building systems. Providing quotes over the phone for more commercial properties causes issues by not providing time to do research and present an accurate quote and scope of services and can result in mis-communications of scope of inspection services. We provide written proposal for all commercial properties within 24 hours of a request and are available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have regarding the inspection scope and proposal. It is our goal to ensure you have the highest quality experience with Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting for your commercial property inspection.

All Commercial Building Property Inspections Are Completed To The Standards of Practice Outlines by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association.


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